Practice assistants

In our practice the GP practice assistant is present at every working day until 17.00 hours.

The GP practice assistant is the first point of contact when you have to deal with our practice.
Her tasks include:

  • reception occupancy
  • answering the telephone (including scheduling appointments, answering questions)
  • administrative support of the practice
  • carrying out laboratory tests (including urinanalysis, blood sugar and Hb research)
  • giving vaccinations
  • making smears
  • treating warts
  • syringing the ears
  • making ECGs
  • the installation of a holter device
  • all kinds of other, protocular, actions

Because the tasks of the practice assistants are becoming more and more extensive, they have a consultation hour during a number of times a week.

Sometimes you will then be helped by the assistant of the other GP or you will receive the telephone answering machine. The assistants schedule their consultation hour as much as possible outside peak hours, so usually, in the afternoon.
We therefore ask you to call, if possible, in the morning between 08.00 and 10.00 hours for making appointments.

The practice assistant consultation hour can be visited by appointment.