GP consultation hour

In our practice the GP consultation hour is every working day by appointment.

The GP consultation hour takes place at:

  • 08.00 - 11.00 hours
  • 14.20 - 15.10 hours
  • 16.00 - 16.30 hours (not on all days)

The assistant will, when you call for an appointment, ask you to briefly explain what you are coming for. She can then make an estimate of the time you need at the GP. This is to prevent people from waiting long. Of course you do not have to tell us what you are coming for, but then it may occur that you can not be helped the same day. 

An appointment is meant for discussing one or at most two complaints, for which 5 to 10 minutes are reserved.
If you think you need more time or if you want to discuss several complaints, you have to make a new appointment.

If you can not fulfill your appointment, call us in time so that another patient can be helped instead.

For asking a short question or passing on results we have the call-back consultation hour.

You can also make your appointment online via our web agenda.
For this you choose the icon Web agenda on the homepage of this website.