Warts consultation hour

In our practice the warts consultation hour is by appointment.

The GP practice assistant keeps this consultation hour. She treats the warts with liquid nitrogen, which is also called 'to touch on warts'.
Our practice has, in principle, always liquid nitrogen to treat warts.

Usually it is necessary to have warts treated several times.

What is a wart?
A wart is a contagious, local thickening of the epidermis.
Warts are most common on the fingers and feet.

How can you get a wart away?
It is often the case that warts disappear of themselves after a long time, sometimes after a number of years.
If you do not want to wait that long, we can 'touch on the warts' with the help of liquid nitrogen.
Usually this must be done more than once.

What is liquid nitrogen?
Liquid nitrogen is a kind of liquid ice.
With the help of a cotton ball on a stick, the place where the wart is, is made very cold. However, it feels like we are burning the place. Sometimes even a blister forms on the spot where the wart was.
The marking itself can be painful.